CPSL achieves ISO 28000 certification

12 January 2015

Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) is pleased to announce that its Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal has become the first Hong Kong based air cargo facility to achieve certification of ISO 28000, a global security standard specifying the requirements for a security management system in the logistics industry.

CPSL Chief Executive Officer Mr Kelvin Ko said: “Customers paying premiums for airfreight expect their goods to arrive at the destination on time and in excellent condition. Maintaining the integrity of the supply chain – keeping shipments safe and secure from end-to-end, is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for the industry today. As an air cargo terminal operator that handles thousands of tonnes of cargo every day, we need to ensure the shipments are not tampered with during the entire handling process in the terminal. A comprehensive security management system has to be in place to turn management commitment on security into actions.

“CPSL is proud to be a pioneer in this field. We trust our customers will see the difference in the level of security that we are offering.” Ko added.

The on-site assessment and audit were carried out by LR Management Systems (LRQA) in the last quarter of 2014 with no adverse or non-compliance findings identified.

“This achievement not only underlines CPSL’s commitment to leading air cargo security in the global industry, but also recognises its continuous enhancement of its services,” said Mr Simon Batters, Global Head of Strategic Marketing of LR Management Systems (LRQA).

CPSL believes that quality management is one of the main pillars to guarantee service excellence. Other major safety and security certifications for CPSL include: International Air Transport Association (IATA) Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Registration, Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Class A Certification, the EU Regulated Agent (RA3) accreditation and the Cargo2000 (C2K) certification.

Cathay Pacific Services Limited
Cathay Pacific Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. The Company was formed in January 2008 and was awarded a 20-year franchise by the Airport Authority Hong Kong in March 2008, to design, build and operate a new common air cargo terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport – the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal.

About LRQA
LRQA is a member of the Lloyd’s Register group. LRQA is a leading independent provider of assurance services including assessment, certification, validation, verification and training across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes. 

About Lloyd’s Register
Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a global engineering, technical and business services organisation wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering. Founded in 1760 as a marine classification society, LR now operates across many industry sectors, with over 9000 employees in 78 countries. Lloyd’s Register has a long-standing reputation for integrity, impartiality and technical excellence. Our compliance, risk and technical consultancy services give clients confidence that their assets and businesses are safe, sustainable and dependable. Through its global technology centres and research network, Lloyd’s Register is at the forefront of understanding the application of new science and technology to future-proof its clients’ businesses. 

Photo caption



(From right) Cathay Pacific Services Ltd (CPSL) Chief Executive Officer Mr Kelvin Ko received the ISO 28000 certification from LR Management Systems (LRQA) Global Head of Strategic Marketing Mr Simon Batters.


CPSL management team joined Chief Executive Officer Mr Kelvin Ko (third from right) and Chief Operating Officer Mr Alex Shum (second from left) to celebrate the achievement together.


Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal implements a comprehensive security management system to turn management commitment on security into actions.