Protection against Novel Coronavirus Threat

05 February 2020

Cathay Pacific Services Ltd always put the health and safety of our customers and employees as our top priority. In light of the increased impact of the potential threat caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak originating in Wuhan, mainland China, our Escalation Mechanism for Infectious Disease Level 1 is activated and put a number of procedures and initiatives in place to protect our customers, our terminal users and employees.  

  • We are keeping in close contact with the relevant authorities in Hong Kong, AAHK BCP office and airport communities.


  • We have been issuing regular updates to our customers, business partners and employees.


Protecting customers / terminal users

  • Temperature checks: Two temperature check points fully implemented from 23 January 2020 at main entrance on 2/F podium and G/F at Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. Temperature checks are required for all employees and terminal users entering Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. We ask all employees, including sub-contractors, to also check their temperature before coming to work as an additional precaution. When having a fever or respiratory symptoms, they should seek medical advice promptly and report to their manager and People Department.


  • Terminal cleanliness: Hand sanitiser is available at the main entrance, public area and canteen, and cleaning of surfaces in washrooms, lifts and other high-use areas is being conducted more frequently with 1:99 bleach. A dedicated sterilization team is formed to support terminal tenants and subcontractors’ office cleaning. Out of an abundance of caution, additional deep cleaning and supplementary disinfection will be conducted when a suspected case of coronavirus has been identified.


  • Suspension of terminal visit: All terminal tours have been suspended effective from 21 January 2020 to reduce the people traffic inside the terminal.


  • Travel advice: All employees are advised NOT to travel to Mainland China. Any employee who has been to China or those who have close contact with people coming from Mainland China, as well those who have been in close contact with the novel coronavirus infected persons, they should report to their manager and People Department immediately.  As per the advice from Department of Health Hong Kong on 3 February, anyone who has visited Hubei Province in the past 14 days must contact Port Health immediately. Others who visited Mainland China outside of Hubei Province in the past 14 days should quarantine at home and must wear face mask if go out.


  • Ensure business continuity: Arrangement is made for split office operation and work from home to reduce the people density in enclosed office environment.


Health advice

To prevent pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, all individuals should always maintain good personal and environmental hygiene. They are advised to:

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, especially before touching the mouth, nose or eyes; after touching public installations such as handrails or door knobs; or when hands are contaminated by respiratory secretions after coughing or sneezing.


  • Wash hands with liquid soap and water, and rub for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse with water and dry with a disposable paper towel. If hand washing facilities are not available, or when hands are not visibly soiled, performing hand hygiene with 70 to 80 % alcohol-based hand rub is an effective alternative.


  • Cover mouth and nose with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of soiled tissues into a lidded rubbish bin, then wash hands thoroughly.


  • When having respiratory symptoms, wear a surgical mask, refrain from work, avoid going to crowded places and seek medical advice promptly.


We will closely monitor the situation, the response level and preventative measures will be adjusted according to the development.