Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal takes extra precautions measures Actively arrange COVID-19 test for all frontline employees

04 August 2020

Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) always put the health and safety of our customers and employees as our top priority. In view of the community-based transmission of COVID-19 continues to increase in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT) is the first air cargo terminal to take initiative to arrange all frontline staff members undergo deep throat saliva tests by phases. It protects the health and safety of our employees and terminal users also ensures our terminal operates in a hygienic and safe environment. The first batch of 41 staff members have completed the deep-throat saliva test at our terminal on 1 August. All tests return a negative result. The remaining frontline staff members are scheduled to complete the deep-throat saliva specimen collection by 6 August.


CPSL has stepped up its precautionary measures and has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to make appropriate adjustments since January, the following procedures and follow-up actions have taken place:

  1. Mandatory Temperature Checks and Comprehensive Reporting System:
    • All personnel including visitors who enter CPCT will be required to wear a face mask and conducted temperature checks;
    • We strongly suggest all terminal users to check their temperature before coming as an additional precaution. If fever or respiratory symptoms develop, all staff are required to seek medical advice and report to line management and people department immediately;
    • Provide stringent guidelines and reporting system for our service providers and contractors so further follow up actions such as isolation, cleaning, disinfection and reporting can be taken at the earliest possible time.
  2.  Strict Enforcement of Clean and Disinfection Standards
    • Follow the guidelines issued by the Centre for Health Protection and Cathay Pacific Group to conduct a regular deep cleaning and disinfection for the whole terminal. Cleaning of surfaces in staff canteen, changing rooms, elevators and other high-use areas is being conducted at most six times a day with 1:49 bleach;
    • Increase air-flow-exchange at offices to prevent transmission of virus.
  3. Tightened Crowd Control Measures
    • Limit the number of people in elevators, tighten access control and seating arrangement at the CPCT canteen, and implement measures such as suspended all smoking areas to achieve social distancing and prevent crowds;
    • Non-customer facing uniformed staff are allowed to wear business casual to work in order to reduce people traffic in changing rooms;
    • Maintain safe distance between seats to reduce office density and provide guidance to employees on practicing social distancing at work and in daily life.
  4. Enhance Protection for Employees and Customers
    • Personal protective equipment such as surgical masks, face shields and hand sanitisers are provided to frontline staff who required direct contact with customers;
    • A document tray is placed outside the office of Outbound Flight Unit to minimise close contact with customers;
    • Partitions to be installed on service counters to reduce direct encounter between employees and customers;
    • Hand sanitisers available at the main entrance, public area and canteen.
  5. Ensure Business Continuity 
    • Arrangements have been made for split-team operation and work from home where feasible for non-operational department;
    • Frontline staff also implement split-team operation.


We always remind all staff and terminal users to maintain good personal hygiene and advise them to seek medical advice immediately if they feel unwell. We are keeping in close contact with the relevant authorities and units in Hong Kong.

The company detailed reviews every case and evaluates the risk to make necessary adjustment on our preventative measures. We have fully observed the guidelines issued by the Centre for Health Protection and put in place additional deep cleaning and supplementary disinfection. We also maintain close contact with Centre for Health Protection to ensure our terminal operate in a hygienic and safe environment.