CPSL takes temperature sensitive shipment handling to the next level with the launch of ‘MobiFresh’

29 November 2021

The Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal has become the first cargo terminal in the world to implement MobiFresh, an IoT enabled cold chain solution which ensures the optimal freshness of temperature-sensitive goods during their entire journey through the cargo terminal.

Each MobiFresh is a 1.6 metre cube-shaped movable container providing temperature-controlled storage between 2°C and 8°C.  Each MobiFresh has a Unique ID (UID) and tracks its location, temperature and battery levels in real time 24/7. It can be fully controlled remotely through the warehouse operating system, enabling features such as pre-cooling to expedite the handling process.

MobiFresh uses iBeacon technology for precise location tracking. Fully integrated with cargo terminal IT systems, it will enable the terminal’s truck control system to allocate the nearest truck dock automatically to reduce waiting times.  MobiFresh can also be charged wirelessly while stored in the terminal’s bulk handling system, with a single charge supporting up to 9 hours of continuous use. These advanced features enhance operational efficiency and provide flexibility for operating MobiFresh throughout the terminal.

MobiFresh was custom designed by CPSL and manufactured to the highest standards to meet customer needs. MobiFresh boosts bulk handling capability for temperature-sensitive shipments and provides additional temperature-controlled storage. It enables temperature-controlled shipments to move through the terminal faster than ever before whilst mitigating the risk of temperature deviation or contamination during transportation in the terminal.

Mark Watts, Chief Operating Officer of CPSL, said, “This latest investment underlines our commitment to ensuring reliable, efficient and quality services at every stage of the handling process. MobiFresh demonstrates CPSL’s continuing commitment to innovation, maintaining our position as an industry leader and strengthening the status of Hong Kong International Airport as the preferred gateway in Asia for transporting temperature-controlled shipments to global destinations.”