CPSL Mobile App rolls out new feature to enhance customer experience

13 September 2022

CPSL has introduced upgraded “Customs Queuing and Clearance Appointment” functionality to its Mobile App, allowing truckers and freight forwarders to streamline their queueing experience for customs clearance. The real–time virtual queuing solution allows truckers and freight forwarders to join the queue remotely, check status and receive queue notifications via their mobile phone to better manage waiting time. 

In line with our focus on driving customer satisfaction through digital leadership, CPSL is the first cargo terminal operator in Hong Kong to integrate this feature with IATA’s One Record initiative.  Customs can access the details of shipment information more conveniently, facilitating in the improved speed and transparency as the shipment is being processed through the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. 

The latest upgrade is available now via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.